How It Works

Because Test Prep Can Make You Sweat Harder Than Sports


In team sports, players and coaches have a concern for overall student health and rely on regular practice sessions before each game. You wouldn’t read a book on soccer and just show up for the first game would you? While reading a book may help in knowing how to play the game, it does not show you how to win the game or be good at playing the game.

Peak Performance


Peak Performance is our exclusive collection of recommendations, guidelines, and exercises that have been proven to dramatically increase test scores. It includes:

  • Nutrition and exercise program optimized for an alert brain
  • Stress and time management techniques to calm test-day nerves
  • Goal-setting activities to boost self-confidence

The same is true for test prep. Most students can’t excel on the test on their own not because they aren’t smart enough to learn from the test prep books, but because they don’t know how to take the test.  Our Peak Performance and Test Dominance! Strategies have helped 1500+ of students achieve a 336+ average point increase.

Test Dominance! Strategies

Test Dominance! Strategies work harmoniously with Peak Performance to maximize our students’ scores. Our students learn how to translate test questions into ideas that are easy to work with and expose the hidden clues that make choosing between A and B efffortless. This is all thanks to our:
  • Customized approach for every student–no cookie cutters here!
  • Simulated practice tests that build mental endurance.
  • Elite Coaches who help students recognize question patterns.
  • Curriculum designed by industry experts to be as easy and painless as possible that includes SATPG’s Ultimate SAT/ACT Guides, Hilarious vocabulary games, and video library.