Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is made between SAT Preparation Group, LLC (SATPG) ("Provider"), with a principal mailing address of 11350 Heron Bay Blvd., #2623, Coral Springs, FL 33076, and:
Parent Name(s) __________________________________Student Name(s) ____________________________________
Address/City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________

1. Services to be Performed.

Provider (SATPG) Coach will perform SAT/ACT Preparation Coaching Services. SATPG SAT/ACT Dominance!TM Training Program consists of at least 8 in-home/on-line Elite Coaching Sessions typically lasting anywhere between 1 hour and 1.5 hours per Session depending upon the student’s ability level and experience. SATPG Coach will provide proven instruction and strategies to the Student. SATPG strongly encourages the Student to diligently perform necessary assignments, research, practice, and when considered safe, implement to optimize success.

2. Suggested Student Responsibilities.

To achieve optimal success in The SAT/ACT Dominance!TM Training Program, SATPG highly recommends that Students consistently follow the pertinent activities outlined below:

A minimum of 45 minutes of consistent and thorough/meticulous DAILY study time from the SATPG Online Library, practice test review, SATPG SAT/ACT Score Card, online math videos, and Math Modules, while practicing recommended SATPG strategies and peak performance suggestions.
Completing ALL SATPG provided SAT/ACT practice tests under actual test conditions (sequentially and within a 5-hr. period) utilizing recommended safe and appropriate peak performance and strategies prior to each practice test.
  • A minimum of 20 minutes of light aerobic exercise (having done prior stretching/warm-up) within one hour of beginning each practice test as outlined in the SATPG Materials. (See Disclaimer.)
  • Optimal/sensible nutrition within 18 hours of beginning each practice test as outlined in the SATPG Materials.
  • Other motivational strategies during and within one hour of beginning each practice test as well as proper animated and dynamic breaks during each practice test as outlined in the SATPG Materials.
  • Striving for a minimum of 80% compliance toward the overall necessary strategies of the test such as circling answers, underlining key phrases, strategic and significant pencil usage, and eliminating null answer choices.
  • Striving for a minimum of 80% of weekly SATPG Assessments.
  • Striving for a minimum of 80% diligent homework completion.
  • Student is encouraged to present completed assignments. Not doing so will result in a homework score of zero.
  • The student is encouraged to be alert, energized, confident, and focused during each Session.
  • The student is encouraged to complete all Sessions of the Course (in-home/in-class/on-line).
  • Typically, at least 3 actual SAT/ACTs should be completed during/after the SATPG course to achieve the desired score increase. SATPG test prep typically requires a minimum of a 2-month learning curve to complete.

Parents/Students clearly understand SATPG Success Protocols: Parent initials [ ] Student initials [ ]


Peak performance strategies for SAT/ACT prep and/or Coaching Sessions include light to moderate physical (aerobic) exercise, stretching, safe and appropriate supplementation, and optimal/sensible nutrition for maximum results. It is recommended that Parent/Student thoroughly research and/or consult with a trained medical professional prior to engaging in such activities as they relate to the services offered by SATPG to be able to confirm best practices for Students success. SATPG or SATPG Coaches are not responsible at any time for illness or injury due to these activities. Because SATPG Coaches cannot take actual SATs/ACTs for students and cannot control the actual test site environment, SATPG makes no guarantee of results. Additionally, if any Session/Sessions require a mutually agreed upon alternate location, Parent/Student is responsible for all transportation to and from said location. SATPG or SATPG Coaches are not responsible for any accident(s), illness(es), or injury(ies) to Student/Parent to and from locations and/or before/during/after classes provided by SATPG. Furthermore, please secure and remove any fragile items from the area where the SATPG Session takes place. SATPG is not responsible for any damage or breakage of these items.

3. Location of Services.

SATPG provides in-home, in-class, and on-line Coaching Services. Occasionally, with the advanced agreement of all parties, a secondary public location (such as a library) is permitted. For classes of 4 or more students, a location other than one of the Parent/Student households may be provided. If Parent/Student cancels 3+ scheduled Sessions within a single/multiple-test cycle of actual SAT/ACTs, the remaining sessions may be completed online.

4. Cancellation of Session Policy.

Under normal circumstances, Parent/Student must provide at least 24-hour phone/text notice of cancellation/rescheduling to SATPG/Educational Coach prior to a scheduled Session. SATPG/Educational Coach must also, under normal circumstances, provide at least 24-hour phone/text notice of cancellation/rescheduling to Parent/Student prior to a scheduled Session. If sufficient notice is not provided by the Parent/Student to SATPG/Educational Coach, particularly after confirmation of Session has been acknowledged by both Coach and Student/Parent, then the Session may be counted as one of the Sessions provided (certainly for a no-show or canceling within a few hours of the scheduled Session) and may not be made up. If an emergency takes place to either party, phone/text notice must be given as soon as possible prior to a scheduled Session. After the original schedule is pre-set between the Student/Parent and the SATPG Coach, a maximum of 2 Sessions may be rescheduled by Parent/Student. If the SATPG Coach must reschedule a Session, then that would not count as one of the aforementioned rescheduled Sessions.

5. Parent Responsibilities.

For SAT or ACT in-home Coaching Sessions, a parent or guardian is required to be present. All in-home Sessions shall be held in a common area: kitchen, dining room, professional home office. If a Parent/Guardian is not present at the beginning of a Session, the Session may be cancelled and counted as a Session. The Parent assumes responsibility if Student and Educational Coach are left alone during a Session (which includes the travel time, as needed by Student, just before and just after each Session). Parents are also encouraged to employ positive and supportive reinforcement whenever possible and NOT overly micromanage the SATPG Process, unless requested by the SATPG Coach with specific instructions on functionally enhancing student progress. Typically, SATPG Coaches maintain a full schedule of Students; therefore, it is important to understand the importance of flexibility when scheduling and having at least 3 options during each week of SAT prep so we can proceed functionally. Communication is key: if questions or concerns arise about the Coach/Coaching process, then please contact SATPG for assistance as directed.

6. Materials.

SATPG will furnish all proprietary and copyrighted materials, equipment and supplies used to provide the services required by this Agreement for delivery to the Parent/Student. SATPG will provide all of the course materials necessary for the success of the student. The prices are outlined in Section 13: Tuition Rates and Other Expenditures.

7. Exclusive Agreement.

The SATPG Agreement for Parents and Students is the entire Agreements between Provider and Parent/Student.

8. Modifying the Agreement

. This Agreement may be modified only in writing if signed/agreed by both parties. In the case of any modification, the remainder of the Agreement remains intact and binding to all parties involved.

9. Intellectual Property Ownership.

Student/Parent understands that SATPG owns all intellectual property for SAT/ACT Dominance!TM Training Program materials. Parent/Student agrees not to use, sell, or share in any way any of the copyrighted or proprietary materials to any other party from now until the end of time without Provider’s (SATPG) prior written permission. Furthermore, SATPG has the right to confidentially publish Student/Parent testimonials and SAT/ACT results. SATPG’s online spreadsheets maintain anonymity and privacy because no names are provided to the public.

10. Changing Coaches.

For consistency, SATPG will make every effort to keep the same Coach/Student paired up throughout the SATPG SAT/ACT Program. There may be circumstances, however, that require an alternate Coach to be provided. Those circumstances include, but are not limited to, health issues, scheduling issues, personality mismatch, Coach leaving without notice, etc. Additionally, if the Student is other than complying with the terms of this Agreement and performing poorly during the SATPG SAT Program, a new Coach may or may not be assigned at the discretion of SATPG.

11. Confidentiality.

Parent/Student acknowledges that it will be necessary for SATPG to disclose certain confidential and proprietary information to Parent/Student in order for SATPG/Educational Coach to perform his/her duties under this Agreement. Parent/Student acknowledges that any disclosure to any third party or any misuse of this proprietary or confidential information from any SATPG physical or virtual domain would irreparably harm SATPG. Accordingly, Parent/Student will not disclose any proprietary/confidential information or compete with SATPG in any way, shape, or form, either during or at any time after the term of this Agreement.

12. Applicable Law, Severability and Indemnity.

The common laws of Florida State and the Republic of the united states of America, locally overseen in Broward County, Florida, will govern this Agreement. Mediation will be attempted first in the event of any disagreement between parties. If any provision or provisions shall be held to be invalid, illegal,unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any competent and viable jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. Certified SATPG Coaches, other than Steve Kirshenbaum and Celia Barranon, are Independent Contractors and are legally responsible for their own affairs. Furthermore, each person pursuant to this Agreement agrees to engage in an air of civility and respect with each other throughout the process of test prep and beyond for the highest good of all involved.

Method of Tuition Payment6

Please check one: [ ] Check [ ] Cash [ ] Credit Card (Visa, MC, Discover, AE) [ ] Wire Transfer7

Please print clearly and completely

Card number: ___________________________________ Expiration Date: ___________ 3 or 4-Digit Code: __________

Name on Credit Card: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address/street/city/zip on Credit Card: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature of cardholder: __________________________________

1. Tuition for groups is per student. If any Parent/Student of a 2/3/4 student group elects to break free of the group and seek individual SAT/ACT prep with SATPG, that Parent/Student must prepay the prorated difference plus the prorated difference for the Parent/Students in the remaining group.

2. Ultimate SAT Preparation results are based on at least 8 sessions. In the event of a time crunch due to last minute senior scheduling timeframes prior to a final SAT administration, a minimum of 5 Sessions must be scheduled at a rate of a minimum of 80% of the above selected tuition level.

3. 5+ Group consists of 8 1.5-hr online/on-location Sessions; 5+ Group includes weekly accountability reports to parents.

4. Master SATPG Coach is Steve Kirshenbaum. Master Coach does NOT teach Single Subject SAT Prep.

5. SATPG Address: 11350 Heron Bay Blvd., Unit 2623, Coral Springs, FL 33076. For Parents/Students who choose 2 or 3 payment plan option must remit using valid credit card only for remaining payments. If initial or subsequent Client payment is declined, not received, or a check is returned unpaid then SATPG reserves the right to suspend or terminate any pro-rated remaining sessions until payment is procured. There will be a $35 fee for each declined, late, or returned payment.

6. For Domestic wires, please add $15 per wire. For International wires, please add $35 per wire. Wire option in one payment only.

7. Please note that all or a portion of the tuition payment is due at the initial consultation meeting prior to scheduling SAT or ACT Coaching Sessions and release of confidential and proprietary materials. As a result of the initiation of this Agreement, SATPG will incur unrecoverable costs for marketing, referral rewards, data entry, printing, materials, and scheduling. Therefore, a cancellation fee of $600 will apply if Student/Parent cancels any or all pre-scheduled sessions prior to the beginning of the course or at any time prior to the completion of the course. If a refund is requested after Sessions have been completed, then those completed Sessions will be deducted proportionally from the original tuition amount paid by Client to SATPG in determining the refund; a cancellation fee of $600 will also be deducted. The remainder of this Agreement, including confidentiality/ intellectual property ownership, will remain in effect even in the event of a refund.

14. Agreement of Parties

All of the following parties agree to the terms of this Agreement:


SAT Preparation Group, LLC

By: ___________________________ Date: _________________________ Signature

Steve Kirshenbaum (CEO), Celia Barranon (President), Randy Winters (Director of Client Services)

Parent agrees to the stipulations of this agreement:

By: ____________________________ Date: _________________________ Signature (above)

_________________________ [Typed or Printed Name]

Student agrees to the stipulations of this agreement:

By: ____________________________ Date: _________________________ Signature (above)

_________________________ [Typed or Printed Name]

Coaches Name and contact information: _____________________________________________